Job Search and Qualifications the Process

By: Peter Lee

If you are just starting a job search you may find that it does take some effort on your part. It is never easy to look for a new position even if you are currently employed. The job search process can be a grueling one especially if you are not prepared. Of course if you are a day laborer who is looking for manual labor on a day to day basis in a strong economy you can almost always find work if you are willing to work hard for a few hours or days. But if you are in the market for a permanent position that will pay your bills then you need to make a job of looking for that position.

If you have some qualifications then one thing you should do is to write them down. List exactly what are your strengths and weaknesses. Also it might help to list what you really enjoy doing and the things that you really hate to do. For example if you can?t stand to be indoors all day at a desk it probably won?t do you much good to seek that type of employment. Most employers or their human resources departments employ people who can read the applicant and they also ask probing questions that can give them some notice that the job might be a mismatch for you. The same is true if you are highly educated and are applying for an entry level position. The way you speak and carry and comport

yourself is easily spotted by someone experienced in interviewing applicants for jobs.

Once you write down all of your qualifications you will be able to actually talk about them in an interview situation. If you can?t write them down then you won?t be able to discuss them with anyone let alone someone interviewing you. After you have completed this step you can begin a job search. This might entail driving around the area looking for help wanted signs. It could mean going to a local job bank or looking in a local newspaper. If you are looking for a position you can also attend the local city council meeting and talk to the people who attend. They may have a lead or two as they generally are familiar with their city. Also attend local Chamber meetings as many business members attend them on a regular basis. At all of these you must be prepared to discuss what you are seeking and what your qualifications are for that position.

Another way that is growing is an internet job search. There are many websites dedicated to posting jobs. Some of them you have to join others are free for anyone searching for a position. Some of the websites are job type specific such as medical related positions or senior management elated or even for outdoor sales staff. Others are more general in nature and will have different categories of employment available. It is all a matter of going for it before you can get it.

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