Invent And Innovate Yourself

By: Amy Twain

My friend is a speaker and she told me that so many years ago, when she was speaking for a group, the director started to ask her how she came about speaking on the topics or issues she did and how did she particularly define that. My friend replied that she had not really looked at something in particular.

My friend added that she was speaking and discussing in those topics that really moved her, intellectually, spiritually and emotionally and most especially on some topics of discussion which she believed will greatly help people. Then the director suddenly brought up the thought. ?But why not invent or re-invent yourself, every so often?? my speaker friend was about to make a note, that she was doing fine as it pertains to monetary compensation and everything, but when the director in the audience all of a sudden brought up that idea to invent and re-inventing oneself, my friend also reflected.

The very word ?invent? carries with it, the purpose or reason of a designed and desired result. That is where one should start, and then work backwards. My friend realized that though she had taken enough planning and thought on which direction or way she wanted her life and course to go, she actually never approached it from the angle of inventing herself, nor with the plan or intention of inventing.

The power of this approach is that how you live your life and more significantly, the kind of person you want or like to be is not left to fate, destiny, whims, current happenings or even circumstances. There are several people that do not live with end-purpose-intent/motive. They simply let their life, just freely move around or bounce from random choosing, however the boss might react, whatever will take place, to whatever feels good at that moment.

Okay, say for example you take an individual?s manner of dressing. Several on one side of society just take sit as it sees, accepts what?s given or simply remains and stays loyal to the way they dressed when they were in high school or college. While the other side especially the current pop culture and fashion, just lets whoever is the big name on Fashion Network determine the style and length of their pants, how they look or what type of design, color, cut etc.

So rather than letting all those other outside influences dictate your choices and designs, why not just ?invent? the person you want to be in your clothes? It is incredible how much power, control and direction it can give you. Then try working in that desired direction. Think and decide if the clothing is appropriate for your work, your values, your family and friends.

Or much more importantly, the family you want to have in the future and the values you want to have. The person you want to be and the job you want to do. Always ?invent? with the style and design of who you want to be and the life you always dream to have.

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