Innovate A Current Niche To Improve Your Business

By: Amy Twain

If I am about to make an educated guess, I think I will find many professionals around the world who considered themselves ?should have? experts or gurus. As in, ?I should have done that.? As my friend Calyx, a Global Client Communicator Mentor told me, that he always hears this message form clients almost all the time.

Self employed professionals think and feel that they have to copy or imitate what their competitors are doing; they think that they have to be doing the similar thing. Well, after all, they need to keep up with the competition/race, right? Hmmm?not exactly. The standard answer to that is: Correct, the capacity to model your business after another business that already has a niche (a situation or activity specially suited for a person?s abilities or character) is your quickest pathway to income or success.

However, those clients of yours will still buy your services and patronize your products because of YOU! Your clients still need to know how your distinct skills and abilities will help in solving their problem. And take note?individuals who are specialized and highly unique are sought-after more often and get paid the most.

My friend Calyx never really tried to convince his clients to be all things all at once to most people?not at all. And your clients are not looking for a generalist. Come to think of it, it takes so much money and time to convey that marketing message across. Your clients are actually looking for an expert or simply a mentor who could give them desired results that they?re looking for or who could solve their problem fast.

Now let?s try to be more specific about an easy way to innovate a present niche. You can begin by making a list of some questions to ask (or remind) yourself everyday. You can write the answers to these questions in your diary, personal notes or journal or you can even think about them in your mind.

Anyway, the questions can be: 1.) What is it about my business I can innovate that could provide locally, which can also be easily done globally? 2.) What is my business doing right now, that my clients could be looking forward or benefit from over the next 3-5 years? 3.) In this line of work, what is it about that can be made more effective or can be improved? 4.) What is it about my competitors that I can be doing more profitably or more successfully? Jay Abraham once declared that, ?all ideas or concepts are a new combination of old ideas, and that the only way to get ideas is to study and learn the basis and principles behind current happenings.? Now in this kind of economy we have, try not to spin your wheels making or creating a niche.

You would analyze, analyze and still do a lot of analysis while your prospects got their needs already met by your competitors. Instead, try working with a mentor who could assist you innovate a present niche and establish the true results you give and provide your local and global clientele as well.

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