The Widespread Use Of The Microwave Oven

By: The Widespread Use Of The Microwave Oven

Savouring a nice meal and making the most of your culinary skills is something many of us like to enjoy. Even if you prefer not to cook yourself, I?m sure you will have experienced at least a handful of memorable and enjoyable evenings in a restaurant, eating food that tastes superb yet was prepared surprisingly quickly.

Of course, time is not always on your side and sometimes it is necessary to take a few shortcuts. We don?t always have time to wait for water to boil or for an oven to pre-heat, and as those chefs working in a commercial kitchen will tell you, lengthy preparations and cookery sessions may yield tasty results but will also result in your customers deciding to dine elsewhere should their meals not be ready within a short period.

So how do restaurateurs by-pass this problem and present a well cooked meal before their clientele decide to take their trade elsewhere or pass out through starvation? Quite commonly the secret will involve meals being prepared prior to cookery, and frozen. Defrosting and cooking with a microwave oven is the key to this process.

I quite like microwave cooking and have found easier, cleaner and healthier ways to cook a variety of simple meals, starting with scrambled eggs for breakfast and rice for dinner. However, the microwaves used in commercial situations differ somewhat to the everyday appliances commonly found sitting in your kitchens at home. For one thing, a commercial variant will be lot larger, capable of heating large numbers of meals at the same time. It is also likely that this won?t act solely as a microwave; microwave convection ovens combine the traditional blistering heat of a standard oven with the speed and efficiency of the radio-wave counterpart. This means you can cook food quickly and still have it crispy, negating the drawback that prevents many home users from using their microwaves for meals such as jacket potatoes were a crispy outer layer is highly desired. So many different types of food can be cooked in this manner ranging from breads and cakes through to roast dinners.

My own microwave oven at home is nowhere near so elaborate but still finds it ways to cook me some fantastic dishes. Scrambled egg is probably the easiest of these; simply break a couple of eggs into a microwave safe dish, whip them up and add a dash of milk or water. Cream cheese such as Philadelphia will make your scrambled egg taste deliciously creamy. For something extra special, you can try adding some cheese or herbs. Next, place these within the microwave. Cooking times will differ depending how powerful your microwave oven is and the size of the food, but I usually start with an initial thirty second burst, followed by 15 second intervals. At each of these breaks I quickly scramble the eggs again with a fork. The whole process only takes a couple of minutes, but don?t forget to stop and whip the eggs up at regular times or you may find a hardened plastic lump, rather than a delicious, fluffy, creamy tasty meal.

It is known for some people to act a little snobbish towards those of us using microwaves, but truthfully the convenience, efficiency and speed with which meals may be prepared makes these a common feature in even the classiest of venues, but due to the differences between commercial microwave ovens and the standard varieties you would be unlikely to tell the difference. Without microwaves many restaurants would be unable to function; it would take so long to cook a meal that not enough diners could be served for the business to be profitable. Microwave ovens have widespread use and are used all across the world.

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