Set the Mood with Banquette Seating

By: Hill Cross Furniture

Banquette seating is the best choice to get that cosy feeling with the help of comfortable setting of upholstered benches and furniture. If there is little space available for furnishings and you want to give it a spacious feel and an exclusive look then banquette seating is the best option.

Banquette seating offers the most stylish form of furniture decoration and can be an ultimate solution for space constraints. They not only add a fashionable look but also enhance the prestige and status of the owner. The unique designs and the finishing of the banquette furniture make it the most elegant piece of furniture to possess.

While choosing a proper banquette seating, the first and foremost thing to do is to find a suitable space for the furniture to be set in. Organise your rooms and choose suitable seating arrangements. Sometimes the best room to use is the kitchen, dining area, space below the windows, sunroom, and playroom.

Once this is done, start designing the setup of your banquette furniture. They come in various shapes like the straight, L-shape, curved, U-shape and so on. You unique design is determined by the way you plan to use the shapes and design it to give that intimate look. You can also choose to place the setting against the wall, back to back to wrap it around the corners.

The look of the whole setting should be a retro or traditional kind of furniture with stain resistant material in the dining area. When it comes to setting the kitchen with banquette seating, you should definitely take a look at the collection of beautiful tables, mini sofas and chairs available at select furniture shops.

The gorgeous mini sofas will definitely enhance the whole look of your kitchen and provide that comfortable, cosy and versatile seating structure. If you want to create that magic look in your house then switch over to designing your own banquette furniture and see the transformation.

The latest trend in banquette furniture is the LED backdrop setting along with the furniture which is ideal for bars, clubs, parties, discos and so on. In this setting, the banquettes get illuminated through high intensity battery mode LED lights and on top of this you can order the seating cover of your choice, both with the colour and fabric of your preference.

To add additional effect to your events, you can also change the colour setting at intervals to set the banquette highlighted with various colours. This gives an unique experience for the evening.

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