Foods of Love

By: Rubel Zaman

Valentine?s Day is a time of year when romance is in the air, and what better way to celebrate than an evening out to dine with your beloved, or preparing and cooking them a delicious meal.

There are some foods that are synonymous with romance or considered huge aphrodisiacs. These are considered such foods for several reasons. One reason is that they have ingredients or minerals in them which is said to enhance sexual arousal or stamina, another reason is because they may look like something sexual (I can?t personally see a huge resemblance but asparagus is said to be phallic, and oysters resemble female genitalia). Another reason is because they may be expensive foods, and wealth in itself can be an aphrodisiac for some people.

Here is a list of some food that you may want to serve your beloved on February 14th (or any other day for that matter).

? Oysters - Oysters are allegedly a very effective aphrodisiac food, and are said to increase sexual desire of consumers. They contain a high level of zinc which is known to help produce sperm, increase testosterone and increase libido in both men and women. Oysters have scientifically proven potency, they are believed by many to keep men sexually active well into old age. The aroma of oysters is apparently quite the same as female pheromones and has been proven to be sexually arousing.

? Champagne - Champagne is associated with celebrating and wealth, both aphrodisiacs in themselves, and small amounts of alcohol are proven to lower inhibitions and increase sexual desire. Due to its bubbles champagne hits the bloodstream quickly and warmly intoxicates the body. Studies have shown the smell of champagne is similar to that of the female pheromones.

? Chocolate - Chocolate is a natural aphrodisiacs. It is effective when it has been refined into the product we find in shops, but chocolate in its pure form is the best. Pure chocolate contains anandamide which is a chemical gives a natural psychoactive good feeling. It also contains phenyl ethylamine which is the 'love chemical? that releases dopamine in the brain's pleasure centers and this can peak during orgasm, in addition it induces excitable feelings and stimulates both attraction and euphoria.

? Figs ?A fig opened, is said to resemble the female genitalia and this is mainly why this fruit is known to be sexually arousing. Fig leaves were believed to be used to cover Adam and Eve's genitals in the bible, as well as in Greek Mythology. The ancient Greeks looked at figs as a sacred fruit that was responsible for love and fertility!

? Honey - Honey is another food that is considered a strong aphrodisiac. Honey contains several B vitamins which are required for testosterone. It is also a source of boron which is a mineral trace that assists the body in using and metabolizing estrogen which is the female sexual hormone.

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