Coffee machines at home are they a waste of time

By: Gareth Hoyle

Once a status symbol for the ultra-glam; now a commonplace household appliance - coffee machines have slowly crept their way into kitchens around the world. With over 400 million cups consumed per year in the United States alone*, it is unsurprising that many enthusiasts are attempting to recreate their favourite brew at home - but are the benefits of owning a machine enough to ensure their regular use?

Avoiding the dusty appliance shelf

Owning a coffee machine has many advantages ? many of which are wasted in a lazy or overly busy household. Preparation and/or brewing time should be taken into account prior to purchase, as these can vary considerably depending on the type of machine being used. Traditional espresso machines requiring filter coffee are much more ?hands-on? than their automatic capsule-powered counterparts, and generally require more effort to use and maintain (although the quality is arguably higher). Adequate care must also be taken to clean the machine and equipment after use, as the quality of each cup decreases noticeably without regular cleaning.

Changing daily habits

Making caf?-quality coffee at home is easy if it becomes a habit. However, for those who race out the door in the morning, grabbing a cappuccino on the way to work is often considered something of a ritual. For the time-poor, simply turning on the coffee machine before showering can save a few precious minutes in the morning. Alternatively, the time saved from not needing to queue at a caf? can be better used making a cheaper ? yet equally invigorating ? latte at home.

Practice makes perfect

A common complaint for new owners of coffee machines is that their coffee never turns out the same as a brew from their local caf?. This can happen because of a number of factors, including the type of machine used, the type of coffee, and the cleanliness of the machine. Capsule machines for example, can be quite limited, and will maintain a similar taste throughout the life of the machine. However, in some cases this problem can be attributed to an inexperienced barista. Coffee-making is regarded as an art by many, but it is a skill that almost anyone can learn with a little practice ? and once learned, it is an enviable asset when entertaining guests.

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