Coffee Beans Buying Guide

By: Joan Key

For centuries, coffee has been one of the most beloved drinks worldwide. Whether in a coffee shop, a restaurant or at home, People around the world drink it and enjoy it. Coffee has many varieties and tastes. One drink of coffee does not always resemble another.

Coffee beans make a huge difference when it comes to the taste of coffee. Good quality beans are the first and most important step to achieving a great quality drink. But with so many varieties on offer, it might be a daunting experience to make your selection. That?s why while choosing coffee beans you should have at least a basic knowledge about the subject and make sure your supplier is a professional and only offers good quality ingredients.

The main types of coffee beans come from Coffea Arabica and Coffea Robusta. Coffea Arabica is considered a higher quality ingredient, but Robusta may also produce a decent drink. Other species like Coffea Liberica and Coffea Stenophylla are less commercially successful.

Another important factor to consider when buying beans is their geographic origin. Coffea Arabica growing in India may produce a totally different flavor than the ones raised in Central America. Even within those regions you may find ?sub-regions? that will produce various flavors. So consult your supplier as to the source of the ingredients and their respective flavors.

The roasting process is also a very important influencer on the ingredients? quality. While you can find good commercial coffee beans, artisanal coffee roasters produce the best quality ones. Blends potentially produce better flavors.

Once you have established the source and types of coffee beans that you want to buy make sure you follow these steps, which will help you ensure you buy good quality ingredients:

1.Predetermine what kind of flavor you enjoy: mild or full-bodied, floral-tasting, nutty or winy, and so on, and select the products accordingly

2.Buy freshly roasted beans, for the best quality drink

3.Smell them Good quality beans look and smell appetizing

4.Taste before you make your purchase You can tell which ingredients taste well even in their ?raw? shape

5.Check whether they are broken or splintered ?Damaged? ingredients will also damage the quality of the drink they make

Paying attention to the advice offered in this article will help you make a better, more educated purchase when you start your journey towards the best coffee for you. However, there is nothing better than experimenting. After you try a few types of beans, from various sources and roasters, you will eventually land on the one best suited for you.

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