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Chefs? jackets are worn to protect against the hot fumes coming from the stove. The new chef clothes were designed by Marie-Antoine Careme in mid 1800s. His design has totally changed the look of chefs in the industry. Earlier they use to wear grey colour jackets and hats without torque. The new clothes for the chefs consisted of double-breasted coats, with a hat having torque on it. These became a trademark in the industry for more than four hundred years.

Chef?s jackets are mainly made from cotton fabric. These are double breasted jackets which can be worn from both the sides. Wearing double breasted jackets will help them to hide the stains on a particular side of the jacket. This will also make the chef look smart while working. The best fabric which can be used as an insulator is cotton. Therefore, cotton is mostly used to make chef clothes in order to protect from hot liquids. The chef?s jackets are very durable so that they can withstand the harsh conditions of the kitchen. Most of the restaurants give ranks to the chefs. The top position chef mainly wears a khaki suit. These are even more durable than cotton suits and are more expensive too.

In many restaurants, you must have noticed that the chef?s clothes are not the same. The one who leads them wears the suit which is made of khaki and the people who are below him on the hierarch wear the regular cotton suits. This is mainly done for the recognition of their position. The head chefs have to communicate with the customers and thus have to look impressive and presentable. Professional chefs need to wear the appropriate chef?s suits when they work in the kitchen.

Chef?s jackets come in various different designs. There are many fancy as well as regular jackets available in the market. Cookery is done by both male and female and hence different types of coats are available for both. You can also get unisex chef clothes. When we talk of different jacket?s design we also meant that they come in a variety of myriad colours. Some restaurants have their specific colour trade mark for the chefs. These days many chefs use multi-colour jackets as a part of fashion and style. A good choice of colour will definitely enhance the personality of the chef. Size is also a major factor while selecting the jacket. After wearing the jacket the chefs should feel comfortable while working.

Mainly young chefs wear these multi-colour jackets to suit their personality. Many chefs choose their own clothes that will suit there personality and taste. The chef?s jackets should always look stylish yet comfortable. Internet is the best source to buy quality chef clothes and you will find complete variety of chefs? jackets. It is more convenient to buy the clothes on internet as it saves time and money.

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