How to Use Astrology to Pick up Girls Intro: It's true that astrology can tell you about the personality of a mate, but more importantly, knowledge of the star signs can be an easy, intimate way for you to pick up girls. Telling a girl what she already knows about herself builds up her ego and tears down the walls that keep two strangers apart. Use astrology to turn a first encounter into a very romantic one. Step 1: Talk about astrology to promote your good attributes. For instance, a Cancer can claim to be both a hard worker and a romantic dreamer, with his head in the clouds and one foot on the ground. Step 2: Pick up girls by appearing vulnerable. Share a weakness that is common to your sign, such as the Taurus affliction of being a sucker for flattery. Step 3: Learn which signs are compatible in love with yours so that you can make the decision whether to pick up or drop a girl. Step 4: Break the ice with an astrology reference, such as, "Are you a Gemini?" or any other sign. She'll tell you which one she really is, and the conversation will begin. Step 5: Display your knowledge about her sign. For example, a Virgo girl is supposed to be a head-over-heels lover, so you might take the opportunity to tell her you're up to any challenge. Step 6: Display your ignorance of her sign. That way she'll have to tell you more about herself. Step 7: Discuss her personality traits. Find out whether she's aggressive, sincere or gets bored easily. You may need to use this information if you end up in a relationship. Step 8: Be shameless and ask if every Sagittarius is as beautiful as she is. Watch her smile.

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