How to Read a Full Virgo Horoscope Intro: Those who have Virgo friends will recognize the sign's characteristics immediately: the fondness for details, the logical, somewhat detached mind and the need to be perfect in everything they do. But not all Virgos have all of these traits. In fact, it's not unusual for astrologers to find a sun Virgo who is sloppy and unorganized. This is because a person's innate characteristics don't rely just on where the sun is at her birth, but on how all of the planets are aligned and how they interact with each other. Here's how to read a full Virgo horoscope. Step 1: Using the date of birth, determine what Virgo decan, or subdivision, you or your subject belongs in. Those born between August 23 and August 31 fit in the Virgo decan, which effectively intensifies Virgo traits. September 1 to September 10 is the Capricorn decan, and September 11 to September 22 is the Taurus decan. The decan sign adds subtle energy to the Virgo sun sign; for example, the Capricorn decan adds a sense of responsibility and seriousness to the usually charming and outgoing Virgo. Step 2: Determine where Mercury is located in the chart. Mercury is the planetary ruler of Virgo and influences how he communicates with others. As an example, if the planet is located in a fire sign, the usual stoic nature of Virgo individuals may be challenged by passionate and impulsive reactions. Similarly, emotions can take over if Mercury is in a water sign. Step 3: Determine the chart's moon sign and ascendant. The moon sign shows a person's way of thinking, his inner thoughts and motivations. The ascendant is the subject's way of relating to the world, the mask that she puts on to create a first impression. Step 4: Find the position of Jupiter in the chart. This will tell how the subject finds knowledge, how trusting he is and how he makes improvements in his life. The Virgo sun sign implies a critical nature, but if Jupiter is in an airy sign he may be more outgoing and breezy. Jupiter in a water sign will offer passion and emotion to any plan he chooses, and in an Earth sign, Jupiter's placement will add to the Virgo's already stable and practical nature. Step 5: Calculate the major aspects that the Virgo sun makes with the inner planets, the moon, and the ascendant. Many astrology websites will provide this information along with a simplified chart. In general, sextiles and trines indicate positive interactions, while squares and oppositions indicate obstacles or challenges. Conjunctions can be either negative or positive.

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