How to Read a Full Libra Horoscope Intro: Though small, daily Libra horoscopes can provide brief, useful tidbits for those who follow their astronomy, a full horoscope can provide a wealth of information. This more complete Vedic reading gives deeper insight into the present realities of a particular astrological sign, but getting the full benefit of this horoscope is something best achieved through a more complete understanding of the Libra. Step 1: Read and apply Libra-specific items to your full horoscope. For example, look at things like lucky numbers, colors and days (all of these should be included in a good full horoscope) and see if you can use some of these items to mitigate days your horoscope informs you will likely be difficult ones (i.e., wearing your lucky color shirt or parking in your lucky number parking space). Step 2: Consider facts about good and bad Libra-compatible signs when reading your romance horoscope. If there is a romantic prospect in your life and you know his sign, consider whether it falls into the category of compatible (Aquarius, Sagittarius, Leo), challenging (Scorpio, Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, other Libras) or somewhere in between (Taurus, Gemini, Capricorn, Pisces, Aries). Balance this level of difficulty against the advice of your horoscope for love decisions at this time; for example, if you are considering a pairing with a tricky Taurus, it may be worth considering if your love horoscope indicates this is a good time for risks. Step 3: Remember the tendencies of the Libra. As a person connected with this sign, a Libra is prone to be highly sociable, fun loving and eager to please while prone to avoiding conflict. Bear in mind as you plan your month that all of these traits can be a boon in some circumstances but a fault in others. Look to your reading for clues about upcoming circumstances that would best be handled by fighting your nature and behaving in a more reclusive, serious and decisive manner than you otherwise would and be prepared for this. Step 4: Take what you read with a grain of salt. Always remember that your horoscope serves you, not the other way around, and no horoscope will ever be perfectly accurate for you. Look to your reading for advice you can use in ways you know in your heart to be helpful and constructive to your life and personal growth, but if the only interpretation you can come up with from what you read seems to be suggesting something you know is a bad choice, dismiss it.

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