How to Read a Full Cancer Horoscope Intro: If you check your horoscope every day, chances are you want just a quick bite of information to get you through the day, a few words that you can repeat to yourself and counsel on what to expect that day. However, if you have more time to delve into your personal horoscope, you can unearth a heap of information and gain deep insight. Understand your Cancer sign on a profound level by reading a full horoscope from time to time. Step 1: Understand the personality readings of your astrological sign to get more out of your horoscope. Negative aspects of the Cancer personality are that they can be withdrawn and sometimes dull, as well as shrewd and unemotional. You may feel that you want to be alone at times, and feel comfortable being solitary. More positive aspects are that Cancerians can also be philosophically wise, energetic and sentimental. Cancerians appreciate the arts and have a retentive memory. People under the Cancer sign tend to like children; you may feel that you would benefit from spending time with younger siblings or the children of friends. Since Cancerians are notorious for not liking being told what to do, don't seek unnecessary advice from outsiders. (See Reference 3.) Step 2: Read all areas of your horoscope, including lucky numbers, suggested good and bad days, and colors to wear. Astrology Online tells us that Cancer's color is silver; you may want to wear silver on days when you're feeling under the weather or when you need an extra boost of confidence. (See Reference 3.) If your horoscope tells you what your lucky numbers should be, you could park in that number parking spot at work. If your horoscope tells you that positive or negative career days fall on certain dates, you may want to come to work more prepared than normal on those days. (See Reference 4.) Step 3: Compare the relationship portion of your horoscope to your current relationship status. If you are currently in a relationship or dating someone, think about the suggestions for compatibility that your horoscope offers. If you don't currently have someone special in your life, take a look at the signs that match well with yours in terms of love. If you meet someone interesting, try to take note of their birth date or sign. (See Reference 4.)

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