How to Interpret the Role of Mars in Karmic Astrology Intro: The karmic astrologer, horoscope in hand, is a cosmic detective who investigates a soul's development. The position of Mars, for example, in a person's horoscope offers insight into the soul's purpose in this life and its progress from life to life. In the case of Mars, an astrologer looks at the Red Planet, a.k.a. The Angry Red Planet, and tracks its role in a person's life. Karmic astrology looks to Mars' purpose, its shadow symptoms and the significance of Venus retrograde, if applicable. The astrologer asks valuable questions that shed light on the areas Mars affects. Step 1: Define Mars' purpose in a person's horoscope. Try to comprehend Mars' story and then apply it to the chart at hand. Essentially, healthy Mars is dynamic, can be confrontational and aggressive, and does not suffer cowards lightly--rather, as fools. Will and survival are keys to Mars, and the level of enthusiasm with which a person plays out these instincts is related to Mars and his position and aspect (if any) in a chart. Step 2: Search for clues that shed light on a person's will. Determine how well the instinct for survival is developed, how the person's will exhibits itself in confrontational situations. Depending on the state of his will, guide him toward a balance between aggression and cowardice, toward assertiveness. Step 3: Determine in challenging aspects if Mars is displaying itself with extreme temperament, such as rage, extreme unkindness or possible sadistic behavior. This is Mars on the dark side, and the person needs to be directed away from these harmful practices. Most urgently, advise her that she is responsible for how she feels--for her own rage and extreme frustration. Lashing out at others keeps her from truth and growth. Step 4: Help the chart holder to examine the kinds of confrontations in which he finds himself embroiled. The house in which Mars is positioned will signify areas of potential conflicts. Is there a pattern? If so, what can he discover about his personality in order to find balance in his affairs? What are the extremes and where is the middle ground? Perhaps he is not assertive enough. If he complains he is a doormat, that is an area in which Mars influences him. He can decide to overcome this tendency in order to be happy. Step 5: Determine if Mars is retrograde, which displays as great endurance, a shrinking violet approach to life, or unconscious anger that has not found a suitable outlet. In all cases, the astrologer's role is to guide a person toward solutions, and to affirm her responsibility and power to choose to overcome planetary challenges.

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