How to Interpret Pluto's Role in Karmic Astrology Intro: Pluto, the planet of destiny called The Transformer, is not without controversy. It was stripped of his planetary distinction in 2006 by astronomers; so where does this leave Pluto in terms of astrology? As an outer "planet," Pluto's influence is generational, transiting a sign about every 13-1/2 years. For an individual chart, Pluto signifies generational tendencies and must be considered in its relation to the chart holder's other signs and planets. Investigate Pluto's function and how the planet walks on the dark side. Determine how Pluto helps an individual transform over a lifetime. Finally, if Pluto is retrograde, what does that mean for a person's life? Step 1: Investigate Pluto's function. Pluto's sign, position and astrological aspects give clues to a person's destiny. Ironically, Pluto points toward the futility of small agendas. Pluto makes one life look small in comparison to the enormity of the cosmos. Life's petty problems and successes gain perspective and pale in Pluto's distant shadow. But destiny is still an issue. Great goodness and great evil live under Pluto's influence. Think Hitler. Think Gandhi. Step 2: Determine what Pluto looks like when dysfunctional. Power trips, power madness, violent tendencies and the dark urge toward dictatorship all mark Pluto gone wrong. Look for powerful and "negative" aspects, such as oppositions and squares in the chart. However, astrology is not a death sentence. Planetary influences are meant to guide a person to achieve his great potential. Step 3: Ask pertinent life questions. Where do you find enduring significance in your life? Do you have resources that can make the world a better place? Are there areas in which you display tyrannical tendencies? Then move to shape your destiny and achieve great potential. Step 4: See if Pluto is retrograde in your chart. If so, you may show fear and lack a sense of personal power. You may have difficulty expressing your truth. On the other hand, great humility can be coupled with genuine power for personal and global change. Think about Jesus.

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