How to Interpret Neptune's Role in Karmic Astrology Intro: Karmic astrology deals with the karmic implications of the signs, houses and planets in a horoscope. Neptune is an outer planet, which means that its planetary influence is generational and has implications for whole populations and, for karmic astrology, across the person's long journey from birth to release. The astrologer asks how Neptune's story relates to the person's chart. Above all, Neptune observes from beyond ego's border. Neptune in retrograde had its own value and meaning in a horoscope. Like the seas it rules, Neptune flows out of the hands grasp and is not bound by flesh. Step 1: Investigate Neptune, distant and mysterious. Fantasy or reality? With Neptune, this question must be answered. The problem is that Neptune does not suffer such prying questions easily. How does one query unencumbered consciousness? It is, after all, ego that feels the need to defend itself. On the other hand, it is necessary to pull back the veil that is drawn between conscious and unconscious--madness and sanity. Here the astrologer can caution against the hazards of enchantment and for the rewards of unique and creative self-expression, regardless of how bizarre that expression may be. Step 2: Familiarize yourself with Neptune role in the chart. Find ways, if any, that Neptune disintegrates barriers to the unconscious mind. Or look for ways that the conscious mind is too open to unconscious influences and any resulting disruptive forces in the life of the chart holder. Look for the search for God-consciousness. Step 3: Analyze the person's chart for signs of disruption that belie confusion or possible escape into the haze of drugs and other substances that dangerously distract from the soul's purpose. Try to find ways that the chart holder can channel Neptune's dysfunctional influence back toward the river's flow, the flow of a healthy search for life's meaning. Step 4: Inquire into Neptune's central issues. This is a central balance between right (intuitive, holistic mind) and left (rational, linear mind) brain functions. Too much emphasis on rational thinking points to a need for creative, intuitive balance, Neptune's forte. Too much right-brain meandering signifies dysfunctional Neptune and cautions toward applying more reason in one's affairs. Step 5: Interpret the meaning of Neptune retrograde, if it applies. In this case, the subject may be removed from the left-brain's rational balance. He may be imprisoned in a fantasy world that causes him deep distress and disturbs his ability to live as a productive citizen, realizing a sense of proportion in his daily affairs. He also may seek his own satisfaction at the expense of others.

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