How to Get Free Astrology Compatibility Reports Intro: Which sign are you compatible with? Nearly everyone who dabbles withastrology wants to know. Real astrology looks beyond mere sun signs when analyzing love matches and other relationships. Try a free compatibility report for a glimpse of what the stars can tell you about your love life. Please note that free astrology reports are computer-generated. Because each influence in the charts is interpreted as a standalone, it seems to contradict with the rest of the report. A human astrologer would be needed to synthesize all factors and give a complete picture of the relationship. Step 1: Get your full birth data information. Try to get both your and your partner's full birth data, especially time of birth and time zone. The exact date and time will give the most information for compatibility reports. If you are shy about telling your partner about your interest in astrology, you can pretend it's for including them in the family tree! Step 2: Search for astrology software with trial versions online. Astrology programs do all the calculations for you. In addition, some have built-in text reports that interpret your charts. Look for astrology programs that feature compatibility reports. Download trial versions of software that compare and analyze two or more birth charts. Install the program, enter your and your partner's full birth data, and view the reports. Each astrology program works differently from the others, so refer to the help file. Ideally you should be able to print out the report. When reading the astrology program's compatibility report, understand that it is computer-generated. Each factor in the compatibility report is analyzed independently of the others, rather than being synthesized with them. So expect contradictions. Make sure the software includes actual text reports, not just calculations that you probably won't be able to understand. Refer to the "Resources" links on this page for samples. Step 3: Get your charts done at free astrology reports web sites. Some astrology sites offer comprehensive astrology readings. Usually you need to sign up with a username, e-mail address and password before entering your birth data. For example, provides free compatibility reports. Create an account at the site. Click on "Free Horoscopes" and go to "Interactive Horoscopes." Select either "AstroClick Partner" or "AstroClick Love" for an analysis of your love matches and capabilities. Enter your birth data, and your partner's. These online reports can be read in the same way as software-generated reports. Step 4: Join an online astrology community. Become a member of an active astrology forum on the Internet. Learn about "synastry" or chart comparison, and "composite charts" or merging of two charts into one. After participating and contributing to the discussions for some time, you can ask for a compatibility reading. A good astrologer - even one who isn't a professional - can give you more insight than a computerized reading. Step 5: Look for basic sun sign love match readings. Many astrology sites give free readings that are nothing more than comparisons of any two signs. You can look up Leo and Scorpio compatibility, for example; or a Libra male and a Taurus female. Get these free readings if a full report is too complicated for your liking. You don't need to register or create an account for these simple readings. These sign-to-sign readings can be expanded upon if you know some more about astrology. If you know your other signs, not just your sun sign, you can apply the readings to those as well. So instead of looking up just your and your partner's sun signs, you can compare your moon signs, rising signs and others. This will give you added insight.

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