How to Find Sun Symbols Intro: The sun has been revered by modern societies as well as by ancient cultures for eons. Those interested in studying more about the sun for astronomy, astrology or other purposes can find myriad symbols that represent the sun. These often come as cultural interpretations found in crafts and souvenirs, such as Sicily's famous smiling sun. The classic symbol for the sun in astrology is a circle with a dot in the center. To find sun symbols, use books and online searches to discover the sun through history, art and science. Step 1: Check in at your local library and look for books on astrology and astronomy, ancient Europe, ancient Egypt, the Celts, the Greeks, Italians and other civilizations. Books with paintings as well as museum collections images are great to peruse, such as when looking for Celtic Bronze Age jewelry. Step 2: Look for books and websites on Native American, Aztec, Incan and Mayan culture, as well as those of other indigenous cultures. Find images that combine the sun with the moon, sometimes symbolizing an eclipse. Ancient cave dwellers honored the sun and some of the world's caves and caverns still have the images on their walls. Step 3: Check your own astrology chart. Many astrology charts are available online, such as through Astro Dienst or Astrology Zone, and other reputable astrology websites. The sun is often shown on many astrology home pages, as part of the daily planetary position listings. Step 4: Visit metaphysical shops and view books or items relative to alchemy and astrology. These shops also typically have an array of modern versions of suns and moons featured on artwork, clothing, and jewelry. High end gardening shops often have sun symbols, too, on objects for the indoor and outdoor garden.

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