How to Find Spiritual Gifts by a Birthdate Intro: When shopping for a unique item for the holidays, birthdays, anniversaries or other celebrations, you can hone in on choices when you take into account the recipient's zodiac sign. The more information you have, such as birth date, birth time and birth place, the more detailed perspective will result. If you only know the date of birth, you can choose from generally accepted astrological information regarding the sun sign, then combine that with what you know about the individual to choose your gift item. Step 1: Visit a library or check online using the birth data to find your friend or family member's sun sign. There are 12 in the western zodiac. For a full natal (birth) chart add the birth place and time and set up an account with an online astrological site, such as AstroDienst. ( You can click on various free charts to learn more about the person. Not everyone wants such personal information known, though, so make sure you have his or her permission. Step 2: Find the common attributes for the sun sign and study a bit about the things that may be of common interest. For example, Aquarians may like gadgets or electronics because they are an air sign and tend to appreciate technology. So, you would shop for an item that flashes color or lights up while playing ethereal sounds. You could also choose a crystal that is the person's birthstone or find a unique crystal wand. Scorpios like mysteries and secrets, so a spiritual puzzle or angel card deck could work. A bestseller book on spirituality would be well received by earthy Virgos who like to read, but rocks and crystals typically go over quite well, too. Step 3: Consult the owner or manager at a metaphysical shop. Tell them you're looking for a unique item for someone born in the sun sign Aries, for example. They can advise you and point out items that are suitable for this strong fire song. Step 4: Check out items suggested for zodiac signs on different gift sites. These can give you ideas. Then apply the various suggestions to the person you are buying for. You can find large and small, raw or polished crystals for the person's sun sign at most shops, too. If her sun sign is Libra, ask the folks at a spiritual boutique to show you the latest design fashions for her. Then take her out to a nice dinner at a high-end restaurant and surprise her with the gift over a decadent dessert.

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