How to Add Astrology to My Blog Page Intro: Bloggers work hard to bring interesting content to their sites. For personal blogs and lifestyle blogs, astrology can add an interesting, fresh perspective. Aside from writing an astrology blog post, authors can use a blog widget to add that content to their site. Widgets allow for automatic updating and a constant flow of fresh content without any additional work. Step 1: Find an astrology widget that you like. There are many available from many sources. has hundreds of astrology widgets listed, and those can be used for free. Some widgets update multiple times a day and some less than once per week. Make sure to find a widget that you like. Step 2: Access the widget menu on your blog. To do so, log in and find a place to add a new widget using plain text or HTML code. In Wordpress, the widget menu is under the "appearance" tab. On Blogger, widgets can be added from the "design" menu. Step 3: Add a blank widget. In Wordpress, you can drag the plain text widget to the desired location on your sidebar to add a new widget. In Blogger, click "add a gadget" and choose the plain text/HTML widget. Place it in the desired location on your layout. Step 4: Add the HTML code. Go back to the widget you wish to add and copy the HTML code for that specific widget. Paste the code into the blank widget on your blog platform and save the new widget. Once it is saved, you have a new astrology box on your site.

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