Astrology Sign Compatibility - 2008 Astrology Forecast Astrology Sign Compatibility is widely used as a way of indicating the compatibility between family, friends, bosses or lovers and those you would like to know more about. Each persons natal horoscope is compared to see how the 2 astrology charts interconnect and the way in which they will effect a relationship. They will show what parts of either persons personality will either hinder or help the relationship. Using astrology sign compatibility is a great way in dealing with other on all levels of your life. However there is much more to it than just a simple comparison between the Sun signs. But whilst the Sun Signs is a very good place to start it is only the first of many factors which need to be considered in astrology sign compatibility. This is helpful for your 2008 astrology forecast. The true art of astrological chart compatibility is both complex and fascinating as well as being maddeningly elusive. What should be remembered that each astrologer has their own pet theories regarding the subject of astrology sign compatibility and in some cases may be directly opposite to what another astrologers pet theories are with regard to this subject. This is why there may be different views on the 2008 astrology forecast. Luckily for those of us who are interested to know about our astrological compatibility with another person that virtually every astrologer around the world has spent many hours of their time in order to understand the subject of compatibility. There are characteristics of each sign that are universal and certain patterns emerge naturally. There are certain questions you will asked with regard to astrology sign compatibility and these are as follows:- 1. Date of Birth 2. Place where you were born 3. The time at which you were born (this time determines the Ascendant/Descendant axis and house placements). So this is critical for the astrologer to know in order to determine your compatibility with another person. Over the last few years astrology sign compatibility has gained great popularity and as many astrologers will tell you that there is much more to it than just astrological compatibility but for many of them the sun sign comparisons is a good place for them to start from. Gain insight into your own patterns and relationships.

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