Astrology Capricorn Horoscope Since the past few months many Capricorns would have been searching for their true purpose in the game of life. And they must have had to deal with various spiritual questions towards the fact. The real point in time for questioning is coming near, as the months wear on the theory of horoscope would have to be put in place and towards your career in particular. Yes this is the point in life where you come certainly gain success in terms of establishing your self in a massive way. This fact means that hard work is ahead and all the responsibilities will be on your shoulder. And despite this argument you must be pretty much you to the challenge at hand. This would be because you are not just working for self but also for a greater purpose. On the 11th of July there is an eclipse which happens in Cancer the opposite sign of your sign. This particular eclipse can change your whole relationship settings in your life; such situations as these will change shape and then you will have to think if this is worth going forward with or what? Although it can be bad it can also be a good thing, because that eclipse can see you starting a new relationship in your life. From the 11th of July onwards till about the 25th or 26th of that month you can meet someone special in your life. In the category of business the ruler of your career (Venus) in terms of sign, on July 10th it moves into Virgo.

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