Title: Ancient Chinese Method for Determining the Gender of a Baby Intro: Pregnancy is an exciting time in a woman's life. It can be difficult to wait an entire 40 weeks to find out the gender of the baby. Many find it hard to wait for the standard ultrasound given at five months. As a result, myths to determine the sex are rampant throughout the pregnant community. Instances like heartburn, nausea or carrying high or low, can prompt guesses from anyone, including outside the pregnant community. Many of these "old wives' tales" are used for entertainment purposes and aren't very accurate. The Chinese method claims to be based off ancient wisdom. Step 1: The Chinese method commonly used among pregnant women involves an ancient chart that is more than 700 years old, supposedly found in a cave near Beijing. The original is said to be on display at the Institute of Science in Beijing. According to the ChineseGenderChart.com, throughout the history of China, most Chinese prefer boys because traditionally China is an agricultural country. In ancient Chinese history, more males born into the family meant more help on the land, resulting in more money. Step 2: This chart is based off of the cross reference of the mother's age at conception and the month of conception. This type of chart is set up with the mother's age on the left side (Y axis). It ranges from age 18 until age 45. The months of the year are along the bottom (X axis). Point to what age the mother was at conception and follow with your finger to the month of conception and if the square is pink, it is a girl and if the square is blue, it is a boy. For example, a mother who conceived at age 24 in the month of December would have a girl. This chart claims to have 93 percent accuracy for its predictions. However, the chart's use in the United States is increasingly more for entertainment reasons and fun as the accuracy has shown to be 50 percent. However, that is as good as taking a guess yourself or any other gender-guessing game.

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